TNT Sports & map from R160
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Thread: TNT Sports & map from R160

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    Question TNT Sports & map from R160

    Welcome gents.
    Recently I try to adjust the map to the mods (see footer). With curiosity, I applied the map TNTR402Map from R160 and I was pleasantly surprised by the power above 6000 RPM. Compared to the factory map, the difference is considerable - the result of which are the hands of a few inches longer .
    However, fine-tune the lower range between 1300-2500 because the engine is running unstable and is close to stalling.

    My question: is this map does not hurt this engine I have not found anywhere information about mechanically differences between engines on Sport and R160.

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    Wish I could be of help... Sorry
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    I believe that the R160 engine just has a higher compression ratio, otherwise its pretty standard. So using an R160 map shouldn't be a problem
    Of course, I could be wrong

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    I know this thread is old, but there does not seem to be a lot of information around.

    I just managed to get into the ECU using an RS232 connector that I had in the shed, combined with a Chipi-X 232 to USB adapter and some not to be shown connections to the 6 pin AMP/ECU connector.

    The bike is a 2009 TNT Sport. The map file is 101, which looks to be incorrect for the year, but as i wrote very little info.
    The 101 is supposedly with Lambda control, Euro III etc.

    I downloaded the 601 map from Tuneecu and a quick look at map values shows it has way more fuel than the 101. Also designated as no Lambda and Titanium.

    Then again looking at tuneecu, the 402 you used is designated as Lambda.

    So - you have used 601 no Lambda and then 402 Lambda, which might explain the crap low rpm running as there is no (??) Lambda signal.

    Did you/can you turn off Lambda?

    If the top end of 402 is good and the bottom end of 601 is good, why not create a custom map as a blend of the two?

    I have searched, but can't find details on engine differences between the Sport and Titanium models, such as compression ratio to see if the 601 map would be better than the current and I believe incorrect, 101 map.

    With respect to your question about the R160 map, the ignition timing may be different due to the compression ratio.
    Ducati 900SSie owner but helping a friend with a sick, as in ill, 09 TNT Sport in Central Coast, NSW, Australia.


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