TNT Wheel Changes !
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Thread: TNT Wheel Changes !

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    Ian Hay
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    TNT Wheel Changes !

    Now my bike has arrived from UK I have the problem of a worn set of tyres - didnt see the bike before I bought it !! which was a risk when buying a Benelli I know.

    Now forgive me for being a thickie, but there are no obvious places for paddock stand bobbins, and no one seems to mention a Benelli specific stand.
    The one I had in the UK never work with a TNT as the swing arm to wide.

    How does eveyone else get the back wheel off the ground to get the wheel out and/or work on it ? The last time is Spoke to DNA in Wilts they said they hoisted the whole back end up ! and I cant do that as dont have a garage (or a hoist!)

    Is there a paddock stand that fits, have peope modified the swing arm ?

    Other burning questions I have:

    a) I remember that Benellis run hot, and air temperature here is between 20-50'C here permanently. I have heard that in the US you can get specific cooling fluids for MotoX bikes that allow them to run cooler - anyone know anything or can recommend anything for us in TNT

    b) ANy recommendations for suspension settings for a 12 stone rider to minimise the poor damping(?) there seems to be at the rear end

    c) How can I reset clock from Miles to KM


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    Simon smith
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    I use an ABBA superbike stand which pivots the bike using the swing arm bolts, it means you can lift the front as well, dead easy to use and if you change the bike you can get adaptors to suit.

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    I use the standard lifters from "Kern Stabi". I bought them by POLO in Germany. The rubber supprts don't harm the swing arm and the front is also working very well.

    The lifter for the rear swing arm center is better though I guess as you can better work on the rear suspension.

    Best regards



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