TNT 899 suction air temperature sensor
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Thread: TNT 899 suction air temperature sensor

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    TNT 899 suction air temperature sensor

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum. I own a second hand 2015 TNT899 and after 4000km I had to change the spark plugs due to carbon build up. I noticed from the start that the bike runs quite rich, I get around 10 Kms/lt which in my opinion is not right. The previous owner removed the air box flaps, and exhaust valve and put a high flow air filter. When I removed the air box to change the plugs I couldn't find the suction air temperature sensor which, according to the manual (1130 manual) is attached somewhere to the air box. Does anyone have a picture of the sensor or can describe it? I think the sensor could be causing the rich running condition. Thanks in advance and cheers from Chile!

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    It sounds like the previous owner knew what he was doing as all those mods are recommended. The Temp sensor was removed from the air box to stop it being affected by heat soak from the engine and will have been re positioned to a better location. These bikes do run very rich and fuel consumption are not their best points. Just keep filling her up and enjoy.
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    I've had all sorts of issues over the last few weeks with my 2012 899s, so stripped it down, and as i've found before, plugs are fouled.

    Mine runs rich and has done so for donkeys ands sucks fuel like a F18 fighter jet.

    I thought it may be the stepper motor and or TPS but stuck some new plugs in and took it to my local Dyno Tune and they have re-mapped it, l pick it up this afternoon, they tell me its now sorted....hopefully they are right.

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