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Thread: Tnt 1130 problems, i need some help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GBo View Post
    How do you know the stepper just moves up? It must move down first, but small amounts during running
    The 1130 has a mechanical idle adjustment that over-rides the IACV. If it is raised too much, the IACV will close and remain so. I think that the magic number is 1500 rpm. At that the ECU is no longer able to control the idle speed or the idle mixture. It's already using the map.

    My take on setting up the 1130 is to start by adjusting the mechanical idle to its minimum then proceed as if it doesn't exist, closing the butterflies fully & aiming for 1200 rpm idle controlled purely by the ECU. I've never done one though .....
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    Check TPS

    Jedi have you checked the TPS % output? One morning mine was hard to start, ran like a wooly goat and stalled when I opened the throttle. I connected TuneECU and noticed the TPS value showed 27% with the throttle shut. It had lost the TPS setting when I tried to start with a flat battery the day before. I reset the TPS with TuneECU and everything was back to normal. It must show 0% with the throttle shut and 100% with the throttle fully open. I have come across a few people who have had the same sort of trouble.
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