Calling out the 899 owners!
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Thread: Calling out the 899 owners!

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    Calling out the 899 owners!

    Hows everyones experience with the smaller engined TnT's, the bike mag reviews Ive read in the aussie and UK press reviews appear highly favourable. Any feedback mucho appreciated.

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    New 899s Owner.

    Got mine about 4 months ago & loving every minute of it. Only prob so far had a new set of clocks fitted under warranty, no delay on the replacement part ! (thanks all at Forza Italia & MOTOGB). Im sure the 899 handles and stops pretty much as good as 1130 TNT's but slightly down on power, but coming from 20 years of sports bikes to my first 'naked' anything over about 110mph with no fairing seems fast enough to me.
    Build quality looks good and so far reliability no problem (hope thats not the kiss of death), just about to fit an R&G tail tidy to smarten up the rear end, anyone else fitted one of these to a TNT, any good ?

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    Beautiful bike.

    Got mine just the other day and loving every moment. Just had trouble finding the keys lol.

    Was surprised how well it starts in the morning and how well balance the weight is. Plenty of power, I think if i had more then the 120hp this puts out I would be dead.

    Like swerve said, handles nice and stops well. A+


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