Been a long dark winter...
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Thread: Been a long dark winter...

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    Been a long dark winter...

    On the last legs of what begun as a light service after, as some of you might remember, receiving this bike from a dear friend of mine, and to tell you the truth had I known what I`m pushing my spoon into as we say here I might not have but as I`m slowly reaching the final parts of what became quite an ordeal I`m kinda glad I did as I now know I have a bike that`s not only IMO the most beautiful motorbike ever manufactured it should be mechanically sorted as well (aside a few naggles, more of them a bit later)

    Here`s a little list of what I`ve done to the bike so far. After digging into it it became quite obvious quite quickly that this bike had both been tracked and it has also been serviced by someone who doesn`t know the first thing about how to do it.

    -Faulty TPS swapped
    -failed plugs swapped to iridium
    -#3 cyl plug thread repaired
    -valve cover sanded to bare metal after being badly corroded and repainted with wrinkle black
    -valves checked (surprisingly they were all within spec)
    -valve cover seal and plug well seals replaced
    -front fairing stay welded and bent back to shape (though when I look at the bike from the back the right side mirror seems a smidge lower so might need a revisit later)
    -numerous threads on clutch cover and gearbox cover recoiled
    -all bolts on both replaced
    -slipper clutch assembled wrong -> fixed
    -bearings and seal on clutch command bell housing utterly destroyed -> swapped
    -waterpump serviced
    -ECU reflashed with standard 903 map instead of stupid "dump all in" "racing" map (had to buy both the cable and a laptop to do this!)
    -chain and sprockets swapped to DID 525 VX Gold
    -Exhaust muffler swapped from an Austin racing stupid loud and illegal can to an Arrow one thanks to a forum member Ben Nelly, AFAIK there`s three of these bikes in Finland so zero aftermarket parts available here.
    -right side rear indicator fixed, corroded connectors cleaned, tail light and plate light full of sand dust -> cleaned
    -plate holder redone (old one was hastily botched and the plate sat askew)

    I know I`m forgetting stuff but here`s at least most of it, still waiting for new exhaust port seals from UK to get the manifold and the muffler back on, after that starting to get about finished with it. pics to follow.

    One thing that`s been nagging at me that I was unable to fix though was the neutral sensor. It seems the PO had not only managed to destroy it, assumingly when swapping out the z25 and the 903 clutch the bike has, but attempted to fix it snapping a counter-thread extractor stud into the hole in the process! I threw everything I could at it without dropping the whole lump and the bugger refused to budge so that remains not sorted still...
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    Looks like you really had to dig in, I hope you're on the road now. Glad to hear that you reverted to the original can, I know I'm in the minority here, but I have a bit of an aversion to pointlessly loud motorcycles on the road.

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    I wish... Still waiting on those new exhaust gaskets from the UK but been keeping myself busy in the meantime ironing out the last kinks. When I filled her up the waterpump sprung a leak so had to drain all fluids again and apply some gasket glue to the fresh O-rings even though I replaced the big one with the 2.62 as instructed, the left rear blinker wasn`t working even though it had power and a functioning bulb, a new bulb sorted that so reckon that old bulb had some sort of an internal failure as it was only working when pressed against the ground contact. A stupid question to any Tornado owner reading this, how long is your throttle opening? Meaning, in degrees, roughly how far does your throttle turn? I`m asking because even with a new TPS I`m only gettting 0-33% values from TuneEcu and I am NOT going to tear into the bike again just to verify the valves are in fact turning 90 degrees. My throttle is really quick like turning about that 90 degrees and not more, compared to my old bike that was a Triumph Daytona 955i which shares the exact same ECM as this bike the throttle opening was like half a turn ( yes I know there`s no straight correlation due to different throttle bodies but still)

    What comes to the muffler, well I had very little options with that one as even though the bike is manufactured at 2003 it has had it`s first plates at 2006 in the UK and then imported here so according to the Finnish law it is treated as a 2006 model which means it has to comply to 2006 regulations, and guess what any bike registered after june 2003 has to have a "type approved" exhaust system which means even the almighty e-mark won`t do if the exhaust is not approved to this particular bike and guess what not one manufacturer makes a can suitable for this bike that would be approved here as the UK BSAU means nothing here. Besides if the original muffler is already an Arrow how much of an improvement could any aftermarket can offer?!

    BTW that was another thing I wanted to ask, was the basic model TRE fitted with the Arrow can I now have or was it LE/RS only? Been trying to look at pictures in the net and cannot find the Arrow label on any bike marked as a TRE.
    2003 Tornado TRE #467

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    Yep std tre can is an Arrow.
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