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Thread: ePump

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    Errol Kowald
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    Most of you know I've been working off and on with an electric coolant pump and controller which solved the overheating issues of the Tornado at low speed.

    While logging temperature data I discovered just how wild the temperature fluctuations can be on both the standard and the electric systems. I'd seen the temperature gauge dart about but never quantified it.
    I always thought that a bypass thermostat would be a very good idea, as temperature fluctuations are not. I couldn't find a small enough mechanical bypass thermostat to fit anywhere, and with a groan, settled on having to build my own stepper driven 3-way valve to be placed at the radiator in and outlets.
    I started down that track and began to realise just how much work was involved. Then I came across a thing called a Thermo-Bob. Designed for a KLR650 which apparently has an issue with wild temperature fluctuations that cause bore tapering. There is a whole stack of information about it HERE. What it does is divert about 10% of the flow directly back to the pump when the thermostat is fully open and all of it when it is closed. I thought that the peak temperature would rise due to the full time diversion, but apparently, for the KLR650 at least, it only increases by a couple of degrees.
    Anyway, it's worth trying.

    Here's what I've got so far.
    The diverter to be placed in front of the thermostat housing. JB Weld (curing) holds the diverter tube in place

    Diverter in position. T'stat not fitted.

    Diverter hose 'just' clears the temperature sensor. (Could have done a little better perhaps.)

    Pic is dark, but you can make out the diverter hose.

    The pump fits a a 19 mm hose, so this adapter is needed to fit the 28 mm radiator hose. The diverter hose T's into the side of the adapter on the pump inlet side.

    I haven't tried it yet. That will have to wait for a couple of weeks. Nell needs a new cam chain first.
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    Haydn Davies
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    More amazing engineering could this be the answer we've been searching for Errol X Fingers crossed
    1982 Z 750 L2, 2008 Aprillia Tuono Factory V2 Gold Wheels, 2002 Tornado Tre LE #81, 1992 Suzuki GSXR 1100 7/11 Street-fighter Magazine Bike of the year 2004


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