Top headstem bearing cup removal??
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Thread: Top headstem bearing cup removal??

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    Top headstem bearing cup removal??

    Hello all..

    Does anyone know how to get this out?
    It is up against the recess, and there is no overhang anywhere to tap out the bearing cup.

    Recently bought a second hand bike to find the head stem bearings real tight, with a locking spot in the middle.
    How I have found there is grit in there.:rolleyes
    PS. I am in Melbourne, Aust, and have made my own tools for the nuts.

    Cheers, Darren

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    Tax Tre


    Welcome to the BF Darren,

    In Melbourne eh? Benelli HQ of Australia

    You are lucky as Johnny O is in Melbourne and is one of the most knowledgeable on Benelli related matters. He works for the Australian importers Stoney Creek Power Sports, look up his posts and there should be some contact info somewhere.

    I am in Sydney.

    Good luck


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    Big Bad Al

    Re: Welcome

    Welcome to the BF Darren,
    Make that welcome number 2 buddy

    I know feck all about the technical aspects of this bike Darren but I can spam like a pro when I put my mind to it:lol

    I went to Melbourne once in '99' to watch the F1 race and stayed in a delightful little suburban community called Footscray:rolleyes :lol

    (I didn't go out much there at night I can tell you:lol )


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    Welcome to Benelli HQ

    G'day Darren,

    Welcome to the ONLY forum for Benelli info. You will find the blokes here have a great wealth of knowledge and are more than happy share it around.
    I am fairly new to the forum and have had heaps of help and quite a few laughs also, I am sure you will get the same.

    A few of these blokes are true gurus on Benellis and if you dont get a reply, check for previous threads, there's probably something already there for you.8)

    Cheers, Dave


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