gear lever rubbers, Naths bike is this close to being ready
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Thread: gear lever rubbers, Naths bike is this close to being ready

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    gear lever rubbers, Naths bike is this close to being ready

    Anyone know if the new harder rubber is available yet??

    I'm also putting in for my RS windscreen to be replaced, as the bubbling's pretty bad, Feel free to send one over to RG's John as I've asked them to source me a replacement, I ended up getting a sticker made up locally so now the bike just has to get re-assembled and i get it back next friday, most likely trailer it back down to margaret river,, even though It would be 107 days (!!) since it tipped over in the driveway I still love the bike and the brand, still, if it EVER takes this long again, I'll really be fugging spewing big time. >:

    Actually now I have to get used to actually riding it all over again, plus finally fitting the scottoiler, battery looms, dynotuning her,
    I actually cant believe I'm gonna go get a TnT Sport just after xmas too :lol

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    Johnny O


    Get the Cafe Racer .... looks horn!

    Hmmm, RS screen? I think we have them in stock, get Rick Gills to order one, tell Rowan "Johhny O said" :lol

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    cafe racer test

    when can i expect to see one in the local press, ie; TW, Rapid and AMCN?


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