Are these forums about to hit the big time?
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Thread: Are these forums about to hit the big time?

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    Big Bad Al

    Are these forums about to hit the big time?

    This is just an idea .......
    With Benelli about to launch their new model of Tornado and their entry into the WSBK series then these forums really has the potential to take off.
    It's just my opinion but I reckon that future buyers will take a look at these foums before they look at the official Benelli forums. Why? Because here they will get honest opinions of the bike rather than the media hype that would attach itself to the 'official' forums.
    So keep up the good work Roland and don't forget me when you strike it rich:rollin


    So what are your thoughts people? Do you see real potential in these forums or are they just a place for us to come and have a gripe about the bike?

    Your input would be greatly appreciated


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    I personally think they are an invaluable source of information and a place to get together with people who have a passion for the Benelli brand.

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    This forum has been of great help to me, I have also made a few more friends as well.

    My only concern is that it should not be used as a site just to moan about what has gone wrong. It should also be how good the bike is as well, otherwise those who look on this forum for honest opinions will only get to hear about the bad things!

    I am not saying don't mention them, just that they should be reported in a level headed way. Just because X went wrong does not mean the bike is rubbish. I think the only problems we are experiencing are parts supply and lack of backup, not that the bike is rubbish. Jap bikes have thier problems but get sorted quickly so the customer does not complain that much.

    Mr benelli, if you are reading this, sort this problem out and you will start to get your customers back again!

    Just my opinion!

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    ...couldn't have said it better myself Lloyd .........I don't know about the bit about making new friends though, I've just met Al :rollin

    Sorry about that one Al, did you manage to take your bike up to Sandy Bloys at the weekend?


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    Yeah you have got it right there Lloyd..
    I do like this pic you did.......

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    what i like about this pic is that the red one is in the gold medal position.....yeh baby...:rollin :rollin :rollin :rollin
    as for my views on the bike, i know ive only had it 5 minutes and there is plenty of time for things to go wrong....but i dont care i absolutely love the bike and it gets compliments everywhere it goes.....that wouldnt happen with a jap is also great having something a bit different......when colin,lloyd and myself went to brighton we were the only Benellis there out of about 10,000 bikes.....and to see peoples faces when we rode down madeira drive was something else.....we all know they have their problems but i would rather have 1 beautiful,moody italian ( sophia loren in one million years BC comes to mind )....than a dozen ugly japs..( yoko onno ....or should that be ohhh no )

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    Of course Benelli is a great motorcycle , otherwise we wouldn't have a discussion subject here. It is even more frustrating having a great bike and not being able to ride her the way she is deserving.

    My oppinion is yet different, spare parts and support should be not considered a luxury and we must push for decent services at decent prices (not cheap).

    If Pesaro continues to sell at this rather miserable level of after sales support will never get to a normal. They should better take a deep breath and fix the problems they have with existing customers before causing more problems to others. I have just been asked today if the bikes are reliable by a guy that considered to buy a TNT and looked in awe at my Tornado at some biker's meeting place. He has a choice less to make now it seems after I told him not to take my word that problems can occur at unbelievable pace but to check the forums for himself.

    All the bikes have problems, all the forums are filled with moanings. The only difference is that the other producers get back to problem's source and fix it. I hope that this will be soon the case for Benelli too.

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    ooops.......did you spot the deliberate mistake you film buffs out there....yes it was raquel welsh in one million years bc....anyway heres what i meant....

    which do you prefer

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    Tax Tre

    ms Welch looks the goods but can she perform like Yoko did?


    Yoko may have had to be good at something LOL:rollin

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    Re: ms Welch looks the goods but can she perform like Yoko d

    Rich??? hahah...

    FINALLY some decent pictures.. The Tornadoes are nice too!


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