Gearbox woes
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Thread: Gearbox woes

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    Gearbox woes

    Hmmm.. As of 2nite I only have 1 gear left...6th!... can't get any others at all.. the gear lever won't shift... got home tho.. with a bit of clutch abuse from traffic lights etc.. good job its in for 1st service next week.. bit over mileage now too.. 787..oops

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    Big Bad Al
    unlucky buddy:eek What happened? Did you find that you couldn't find anything in the box all of a sudden or did it seem more like a progressive thing that happened?
    See what happens when you enjoy yourself too much?:rolleyes


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    Johnny O


    Does it not shift through the gears? I had this problem once, the locating pin came out that centralizes the gearshift return spring, I just took the left side 'mission cover' (the little one behind the front sprocket) off, deformed the pin (so it wouldn't fall out again) and tapped it back in.

    I did it between races with a red hot engine (it was a 45 degree C Summer day too), it took me about an hour, didn't cost me a cent.

    Hope that's what it is..... does the gear lever centralize in position between up & down shifts?

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    Al, what minute I had a choice of any gear I liked the next minute I was almost like the lever was spinning on the shaft.. ie.. I could press down but nothing happened!.. Yes John the gear lever does centralise...

    I'll have a look at what you said but I suspect as its a due a first service KJM are probably best looking at it!

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    Big Bad Al

    Re: Gearbox

    I suspect as its a due a first service KJM are probably best looking at it!
    Best stocking up on the PS2 games and get a couple of big books while you're at it. If the lads at KJM have to order anything from the factory then you might be in for a very long wait:lol

    Keep us updated and say hi to everyone at KJM for me when you get there


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    Smell that clutch

    Lol Al... this bike IS going to the Nurburgring on the 24th.. and if it has to go all the way there, all the way round and all the way back in top.. then so be it!

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    Big Bad Al

    Re: Smell that clutch

    his bike IS going to the Nurburgring on the 24th
    *cough cough* Sure it is:lol *cough cough*

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    Re: Smell that clutch

    Sorry to butt in on this post but a question to Johnny O. Your bang on it with experience from the Tre. Mine while at the isle of Man lost its return on the gear lever. You could still use it just but had to slip the lever back into the neutral position before changing gear. I thought it was just a spring but apon taking off the left side of the engine/gearbox (pg156 of manual) there's a section thats broken off. I've got pics but I cant get my head round why this would happen.

    Did you return spring just slip off, and how did you get it to stay back on...sod doin it in 45C im struggling in the garage




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