handling woes
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Thread: handling woes

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    handling woes

    :rolleyes just about run the RS in now so started to increase the pace, however the handling doesn't inspire much confidence. Bike seems to run wide and miss apexes. also requires a fair amount of counter steer to get tipped in for bend.
    Has anybody else experienced same problems and managed to get it handling spot on?
    If so what settings would you recommend for 15 stone rider...other than a diet!!!

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    New bike?

    I noticed that on mine. Got 1st service done at the weekend only to be informed that my head race bearings are loose possibly shagged. My bike is 6 weeks old!

    Get em checked!

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    Johnny O


    Hmmmm, it doesn't sound right, are you sure you have enough air in the front tyre? Maybe wind on more rear spring preload and maybe back off (anti-clockwise) the rear shock rebound damping (the knob at the bottom of the shock) a couple of clicks.

    All headstem bearings should tightened after running a bike in, riding around with loose headstem bearings is sure to wreck them sooner. I haven't found worn or looses headstem bearings to cause a bike to run wide, it is more a suspension ride-height thing.


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