Benelli Tornado WSB version for sale....brand new
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Thread: Benelli Tornado WSB version for sale....brand new

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    Benelli Tornado WSB version for sale....brand new

    email me at [email protected] if you are interested. Price is 12,900 Great British Pounds

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    Johnny O


    What's an SBK version?

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    WSB version

    Peter Goddard road it in Worls Superbike. You know that they made 150 Limeted Edition models. Well, a few were made into WSB model look alike so all the trick bits like Ohlins and Marchenesi and carbon fiber everything are there but just more rare. I am not sure how many there are out there but they are probably as rare as rocking horse @#%$ I imagine. Try this link:


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    Johnny O

    Tornado LE

    Oh it's just a Tornado LE (Limited Edition), it still needs an RS inlet cam and the latest ECU map to get it to perform.

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    Tax Tre

    Re: Tornado LE

    Johnny O,

    Would the Tre benefit from an RS inlet cam and if so how much would this mod cost?


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    TRE with RS inlet cam

    Don't know yet Tax, I haven't had time to do the mod, the factory technicians confirmed (before they vanished) that it almost equals the RS power with just the fitting of the RS inlet cam.

    We don't have spare cam in stock to even try it and price, we will have to wait and see what QJ (Qian Jiang) will do to the pricing.

    There seems to be a few Aussies that want to try it, I am sure we will get one in soon ;-) Then I'll get a comparison dyno run for the forum

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    Some of us are just interested in performance. As a matter of fact, most individuals that have an RS wouldn't be able to tell the difference in the few horsepower extra that is produced compared to an LE. And, since the LE has a full Ohlins suspension, Marchesini rims, and full carbonfibre bodywork, it handles better, is lighter, and looks the kitty!! Plus, as only 150 of them were made, they are ultra exclusive. I would bet that a person who owned a WSB version wouldn't ever see another person on that same bike. Talk about exclusive! BTW, if you go on their web site:

    They have pictures of it up now. Absolutely stunning to look at. 8o :b 8)

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    different goddard rep

    Well, that looks like as stock LE with a sticker kit, i notice in Germany they have what i'd call a true WSB goddard rep.

    different wheels and radial brakes

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    Looks like it...

    Yep, it does appear as if they made their own replica which is what they have stated all the time. Still looks the kitty. I love the silver March rims. Also why they are only looking for 12,900 GBP instead of more.

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    Did I read those Euro prices right?? 36,200? Isn't that approx 24000 pounds? Holy hell!!!! I paid 8500 pounds for a brand new LE, which buy the way is amazing. I sit at night some times with a cup of tea and stare at it!!!! Wife calls it cheating with the other lady....but what does she know other than she can't ride on it with me!!!!!!

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