250 miles in
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Thread: 250 miles in

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    250 miles in

    Had TRE for TRE days now and 250 miles under the belt, initial thoughts are wow!!!

    Good Points
    Looks - Farking beautiful
    Handling - Sweeeet (even though restricted to 5000 rpm still some nice twisties around)
    Sounds - How can something that sounds so good be legal?

    Bad Points
    Cleaning - How many nooks and crannies can you get onto 1 bike that let the dirt hide (several new toothbbrushes required)
    Weather - Farking awful necessitating the need for cleaning in the first place.
    Clocks - reset once but won't bore anyone with that old story.

    On the whole IMPRESSIVE

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    On the whole IMPRESSIVE

    Sounds like you're one happy biker!!!

    Welcome to the club

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    Re: On the whole IMPRESSIVE

    Happy as a pig in whatsit, just need some decent weather so I don't need to spend time cleaning it when I return.
    Will be going to Knockhill for th Jock Taylor this weekend so I can see the cleaning tasks having to be done yet again, with Knockhill having it's own weather system there will be mud mud and more mud, which should suit me cause Im a happy pig at the moment


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