Brand Recovery?
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Thread: Brand Recovery?

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    Brand Recovery?

    I wonder if the recent buyout will improve the reputation of the brand, despite advertising my RS in MCN i have had no takers, also several dealers i have approach to trade in the RS have declined, not even offering me a joke price! I appreciate that TVR will have a lot on its plate at the moment, but it would be nice to know wether they intend pull out the stops to accomodate exsisting owners of benelli's or just to concentrate on future models and sales. In my opinion it would be commercial suicide not to appease the present owners in some way. The benelli brand is aimed at a niche market so how many potenial buyers will be put off by the debarcle caused by the previous owners and importers without some effort to put it right. I know that they probably have no obligation to do anything, but if anybody from the new owners reads this site, i for one would greatly appreciate your comments. Regards Keith

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    I've never owned a TVR but from what I know they aren't exactly blessed with a reputation for robustness of build and aftermarket back up.

    So Benelli should fit in just nicely with their current line up !


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