goddard race replica?
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Thread: goddard race replica?

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    goddard race replica?

    After watching the benelli history on youtube, (yet again) I started thinking a bit about the bike that I titally fell in love with the first time I saw that videoclip... The Goddard racing tornado with double exhaust... Any of you lot know if there was ever made race replicas of that bike?

    As many of you know I've been wanting a Tornado really bad for quite some time now, and now that I've finished the housebuilding it's time to do a bit more serious searching. Most likely I will have to buy one and then get it custom painted in the Goddard race scheme, and most likely also get a custom made "3 into 1 into 2"-exhaust, but if Benelli ever made a race replica it would be nice to know... I know that they recently made a lovely 1130 with the classic benelli silver/green, but with a darker green than on the standard tornado, and of course with the yellow circle for racing numbers on the sides, so maybe they'll make some other custom models too while they're at it?!? (or is that to much to hope for?)
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    Hi John

    There were some LE race reps done as specials in Germany, but they were done using Decals and in my opinion did not look that great. This is something I have also toyed with and so I have a whole load of photos stashed of both schemes (the early and late ones) if you decide to do it. I have a spare set of carbon which I bought partly for this reason, so that I could keep a set of original fairing. The only reason I have not done it is down to funds and still being unsure about whether I want to ride a bike round with a washing machine manufacturer on the fairing I got a quote from a well respected firm in the UK who would do it for £800 airbrushed, which was less than half what Altamura quoted me! So it can be done well at a not too extortionate price.


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    As far as I know there are 10 Goddard Replicas here in germany. For the double exhaust thing get in contact with maniacmotors he can help you with that
    [email protected]
    I talked with him a few days ago about the double exhaust and he has done it for a customer after that the Tornado (1130) had a lot more Power (10-12PS if I remember right)!!!
    For my opinion, I don´t like the look of 2 exhausts on a Tornado.


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