I've just put this up for sale on Ebay, but giving you a heads-up here also.

I'm selling my TreK 1130. It's 2018, 08 plate. 22516 miles.
MOT until 29/4/2020
I'm asking for £2500
Comes with Benelli panniers/frame, Oxford heated grips.

The only non-standard things are : 1. exhaust flap wire locked open, 2. rear indicators - shorter stemmed ones fitted (to better-clear panniers)

I bought it from Moto Strada, Shipley , Yorkshire, on 30/11/2019. with 5000 miles on the clock.
Engine runs beautifully, and z25 is good (note history below).

All familiar with Benelli triples will know the foibles and z25 issues
Have full service history, but in addition to service, particular details include:

Front wheel bearings replaced 20/6/13 (14640 miles)
New steering head bearings 11/3/15 (16277 miles)
cam chain 17/5/19, (18866 miles)

- Z25 bolt/washer replaced on 15/11/12, (at Bennetts, Barnsley)
- Z25 bolt, replaced 17/7/15 @ 16671 miles. Had shifted and fouled clutch - parts ordered, clutch basket, z25 gear, bolt, shaft, etc replaced 4/12/2015 - exhaust flap/valve also wire locked open to avoid circa 3000rpm rough running (at Bennetts).
- z25 bolt/washer & alternator rubbers replaced, starter clutch/1-way gear replaced, cam chain replaced, 18866 miles, at Bennetts.
last service (dip beam relay replaced) - all else OK - 17/5/19, 20389 miles, Bennetts,