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  1. TNT
    Hello, I have been facing with this intermittent issue of stuttering at lower RPM, especially when the bike hits 4-4.5K RPM. Past that the acceleration is perfect. Issue occurs on half throttle/steady throttle to acceleration, but does not occurring during full throttle or accelerating hard...
  2. General Benelli Discussion✓&q=Benelli+899 only 10 taxed of my tnt 899 and 3 sorn in 2018... now I know why it took so long to find a bike, can’t understand it my favourite bike I have owned, sounds great looks crazy and got a soul..:ele::ele...
  3. TNT
    Dear all, I have problem with my Benelli TNT 899 ECU. I need all of your expertise to help me. 1) Can ECU from 1130 use in 899? 2) Anyone know where to get used 899 ECU and can post to Malaysia Thank you for your kindness.
  4. TNT
    Hi, have had issues this year with my tnt899s cutting out ten minutes into a run whilst riding luckily at low speeds, the bike is getting hot , has exhaust flaps open and always pops at low speed. This last time was going up a hill when there was a loud pop and it stalled. tthen the fuel pump...
  5. Classifieds-For Sale/Wanted
    Hi, I have a pair of side mirrors left from my tre-k 899. One of them is broken as seen on photo. Since I dont have the bike anymore maybe someone else can use them as spares. Located in Denmark. Let me know within a couple of weeks on a PM, otherwise they will hit eBay in a couple of weeks...
1-5 of 5 Results