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  1. Classifieds-For Sale/Wanted
    All fixed ! Starts and runs ! Its a very good looking bike. 7000 KM. I also have a almost complete 899 engine to go with it.
    €10,000 EUR
  2. General Benelli Discussion
    So I’ve just pulled out my bn 125 after a good few months being sat due to winter and passing my driving test. Starts up with no issues but given a few seconds after the bike starts idling very high into the 5-6k rpms. I twist the throttle and it goes down to 2k but pulses it does have an...
  3. Benelli Technical
    I’m a newbie to the forum I don’t seem to be able to find much on the forum about the imperiale. I’ve had this a week now and have been using it almost every day since. It’s growing on me see what I think here Hit Like and subscribe and ring the bell get in touch I’m in East Sussex UK maybe...
  4. Scooters and Small Bores
    I apologize if I put a crook in your neck...….Still learning computer/picture rotation skills. Plan is to restore both!
  5. Classifieds-For Sale/Wanted
    Hey all, I'm looking for a running or recently running Volcano in good or better condition for my collections of vintage bikes and minis. If you have one available for sale, preferably somewhere in the Northeast US, I would be interested in buying it. Thanks! Trey, New Canaan, CT...
  6. Benelli Technical
    Hope everyone is doing good. I am new to the forums and I am looking for valve clearance measurements of the Benelli TNT150i. For some reason, I haven't been able to find the information online. I stumbled upon this forum and I hope someone will be able to help me. Regards
  7. TNT
    Dear all, I have problem with my Benelli TNT 899 ECU. I need all of your expertise to help me. 1) Can ECU from 1130 use in 899? 2) Anyone know where to get used 899 ECU and can post to Malaysia Thank you for your kindness.
  8. Classics
    I am new on this forum, thanks for having me. I am looking for a rear fender for a 1971-1974 Benelli 175 Enduro. The fender is Inox(Stainless) and very thin so it is cracked at the taillight mounting bracket. I purchased this bike new from Ballwin Brothers Hardware in Ironton, Missouri. I have...
  9. Classics
    Firstly, moderators - if I've broken a forum rule please let me know, I truly did make a good effort to identify a moderator to ask if I could post this thread to let folks know about a new forum. I wanted to let everyone know that I have started a forum that specifically caters to those of us...
  10. TNT
    Hello Benelli friends :) I have TNT 2009, I love this bike, but today... display is lighting with red color, but no digital information (speed, weather temp, odo) on him,temperature and tachometer is on zero value. Can you help me? I try disconnect battery, but sometimes then display show...
  11. Classifieds-For Sale/Wanted
    Benelli Tre 1130 K Amazonas - 2008 - 14000km Full serviced, 5000km Pirelli Scorpion trail, Givi panniers (E41 keyless - 2x41lt), original leather tank bag, aftermarket air filter (DNA), lowering kit installed (3cm lower - Original kit will come with the bike). Lcd from digital odometer not...
  12. Classics
    Hi - I am new to the Benelli forum. I am normally a Guzzi guy (have owned 9, 8 of which were classics) but for some reason have a lust for a Benelli Sei. I have some question maybe someone could help with ideas: - Were there a lot imported in the US? - Are parts available for the Sei? - Anyone...
  13. Tornado Tre
    Hi all I've been looking at these on ebay... BENELLI TORNADO TRE 900 CARBON OVAL MOTO GP STUBBY EXHAUST | eBay ... and thought I would see if any forum members have one? I'm interested in any comments on the build quality, if they fit easily without fiddling, and what map you recommend...
  14. Tornado Tre
    I would send an exhaust for a Tornado 3. it's as beautiful as when it was new. The exhaust is in Italy because i'm italian. if you are interested i can send you photos about it. :)
1-14 of 14 Results