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  1. Matching Parts and Accessories Links
    Someone broke my rear indicator, so I brought some new ones, which are working but are flashing at a faster speed, can anyone tell me if there is a flasher unit to replace the current one and slow the flashing speed and also where I can find the flasher unit on my BN 125 so I can change it out.
  2. Benelli Technical
    Trying to find out why my bike is struggling to start. Thought at first it was the battery when i would charge the battery over night it would start first time but then after a few days it would struggle, so tried another I had still the same issue, was told to get the charging system checked so...
  3. Benelli Technical
    Hi all Been searching everywhere and can’t seem to find the answer or the Worksop Manual for the BN 125 so does anyone know the correct measurements for the valve clearances? I went to a local dealership and asked their workshop mechanic and he said he’s not sure what the workshop manual states...
  4. General Benelli Discussion
    Hello, I have a Benelli BN125 year 2021 with brand new Cordial tires. Recently, I had the opportunity to test these new tires in the rain, and they ran steadily on asphalt and side roads. However, another time, in fine weather, I ran into a sandy road and immediately ran into the sand. My...
1-4 of 4 Results