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  1. TNT
    Has anyone tried or investigated if the 752s dash can be wired onto the TNT135 dash? im looking for something that stands out in the peripheral vision a lot better, especially indicator lights. Would be nice to make use of that blank space on the TNT dash which looks to me to be the gear...
  2. Benelli Technical
    Hello everyone, I am having an issue with my brand new TRK 251. I read the instructions and in there there is procedure on how to set the proper time on dashboard, however procedure includes pressing "set" and "reset" button, but I only have set button on my handlebar. Can anyone explain to me...
  3. Benelli Technical
    Hi guys! I need your help! I disassembled the dashboard on my Trek for GPS box setup. After assemble it didn't working correctly. I already checked wires and contacts, but all is OK. Battery is good (12,6v), but LCD blink after power is on and tachometer arrow is shakes 2-3 second. Bike starts...
1-3 of 3 Results