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  1. TNT
    Does anyone know what is that error code? I read it might be the engine temperature sensor but I can't find any documentation. Here is the video: Thanks.
  2. Announcements / News
    Hey everyone, abhssen from India. I own a benelli leoncino 500. Please suggest a good engine oil :D :o:o
  3. Benelli Technical
    Hi, I have a TRK502 X, almost 10,000km and sometimes when i start the engine to warm it before driving the engine stalls and i can't turn it on again (like there's no gas in the tank). I've seen that happens when is in iddle, not sure if only below the expected temperature. Seems pretty...
  4. TNT
    Hi everyone! I'm from Ukraine and own Benelli TNT300 2015. Recently I had a problem with one of valves due to crashed valve locks. So, now I need to replace valve, locks and valve guide, but unfortunately, our local dealer doesn't have valve guides in their catalogue of spare parts. I also...
1-4 of 4 Results