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  1. TNT
    Hi again, all. I had the exhaust apart recently to remove the valve flap, and then again to see if there were restrictors in the downstream ends of the headers (there weren't), or a catalytic converter anywhere along the pipe (there wasn't). While I had it apart, I checked with a magnet that it...
  2. Classics
    I already looked on the pinned page, I can not find any exhaust pipes or mufflers. If any of you have some let me know! Also, are their some from other bikes that fit on this?
  3. TNT
    Hello guys, I bought my TNT 899s two months ago and now I'm looking for some customizations: I'm thinking about a new exhaust system, but I live in Italy and I need a homologated exhaust because I'm planning to made some trips also in Switzerland, Austria, France etc. Do you have some...
  4. Tornado Tre
    Hi all I've been looking at these on ebay... BENELLI TORNADO TRE 900 CARBON OVAL MOTO GP STUBBY EXHAUST | eBay ... and thought I would see if any forum members have one? I'm interested in any comments on the build quality, if they fit easily without fiddling, and what map you recommend...
1-4 of 4 Results