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  1. Classics
    Hi! I'm restoring my 1983 Benelli 900 Sei. I took out the tachometer cable when rebuilding the engine, and now that I put back together and it works great, I can't reconnect the Tachometer cable because it's too short! I assume it's a routing thing... does anyone have any pictures of where...
  2. General Benelli Discussion
    Just got a Leoncino 500 6 days ago and waiting on my parts to arrive. i havent used it yet because im waiting on my crashbar. I am also looking for help in tuning and reflashing my ecu and changing the normal digital display to a tft one that i ordered from speedpark.
  3. General Benelli Discussion
    I have had this issue for a couple months now. It is driving me insane and noone is able to figure out where this sound is coming from. It sounds metallic and only happens when you go above 4500 RPM. I can only describe it as a zinging/buzzing noise. Any ideas?
1-3 of 3 Results