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  1. Classifieds-For Sale/Wanted
    I have for sale a 7 month old Imperiale it’s as new 224 mls in black. I have added 2 panniers, LED headlight, and front windshield. Lovely bike. I rent a garage and need the space for a project bike over the winter. Based in Crowborough East Sussex. 07920 427637 to view
  2. General Benelli Discussion
    Right come on you lot with a Imperiale 400 make your self known I’m in Crowborough East Sussex UK I bought my 6 month old bike from a guy whos grandad had it but suffered heart attack so gave up riding. He gave it to the Grandson to sell. Grandad was called Roy so it’s due to Roy I own this...
  3. General Benelli Discussion
    How are people finding the fuel gauges mine had 3 bars left and thought I’d fill up I put in 6 litres. How have you found your fuel gauge at what point should I be worried about running out ?
  4. Benelli Technical
    I’m a newbie to the forum I don’t seem to be able to find much on the forum about the imperiale. I’ve had this a week now and have been using it almost every day since. It’s growing on me see what I think here Hit Like and subscribe and ring the bell get in touch I’m in East Sussex UK maybe...
  5. Scooters and Small Bores
    I am currently restoring a Motobi 125 Imperiale. I need one of the slightly unusual stepped cylinder head studs so I'm getting it made by a local engineering shop. As usual, the unit price will be less if I have more than one made. So if anyone out there needs one (or 4!) let me know. I have...
  6. Classifieds-For Sale/Wanted
    I am getting some cylinder head studs, for my Motobi restoration project, made at a local engineering shop. As usual, the unit price will be less if we make a few. If anyone happens to need one (or 4!) let me know.
  7. Classics
    Selling off some bits I don't need on ebay if anyone is interested. Some less usual stuff. Follow the link then go to 'see other items'. Ta very much.
1-7 of 7 Results