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  1. General Benelli Discussion
    Does the Leoncino 500 Trail 2019 version have ABS comand on /off ?
  2. General Benelli Discussion
    I have had this issue for a couple months now. It is driving me insane and noone is able to figure out where this sound is coming from. It sounds metallic and only happens when you go above 4500 RPM. I can only describe it as a zinging/buzzing noise. Any ideas?
  3. General Benelli Discussion
    Hey, I have a 2020 leoncino 500 Trail and plan to remove the catalytic converter and replace it with a linking pipe. Does anyone know if I need to remap the engine or is it safe to ride without having to change something. I would like to know before I actually do it. Thanks.
  4. Benelli Technical
    I have the 2020 Leoncino, and in the manual, it says that the second oil change should be done at 6,000 Kms, but the Benelli Dealer/service guy says I should change the oil every 1,500 kms. I live in Karachi Pakistan, the weather is generally on the hotter side and ride the bike in the city, if...
  5. Announcements / News
    Hey everyone, abhssen from India. I own a benelli leoncino 500. Please suggest a good engine oil :D :o:o
  6. Classics
    Just finished building a '54 Leoncino sport from a box of old bits. No workshop manual, just a parts book, but it seems to have come together rather well. Problem is, I don't know what weight oil to put in the box, or how much. Ditto the forks. Or come to that, how much 2 stroke oil to put in...
1-6 of 6 Results