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  1. TNT
    Hello, this is my first time posting here. I am new with motorcycles and lately my TNT 125 (1 year old) has developed a problem where all of the electrics will switch on and off without touching the key at all. It has also done it while riding! (Similar to the second video but while moving)...
  2. General Benelli Discussion
    I have had this issue for a couple months now. It is driving me insane and noone is able to figure out where this sound is coming from. It sounds metallic and only happens when you go above 4500 RPM. I can only describe it as a zinging/buzzing noise. Any ideas?
  3. Benelli Technical
    Hi guys! I need your help! I disassembled the dashboard on my Trek for GPS box setup. After assemble it didn't working correctly. I already checked wires and contacts, but all is OK. Battery is good (12,6v), but LCD blink after power is on and tachometer arrow is shakes 2-3 second. Bike starts...
  4. TNT
    Hello Benelli friends :) I have TNT 2009, I love this bike, but today... display is lighting with red color, but no digital information (speed, weather temp, odo) on him,temperature and tachometer is on zero value. Can you help me? I try disconnect battery, but sometimes then display show...
  5. General Benelli Discussion
    Hi @ All, Since 4 weeks I am driving the new Benelli BN302 aka TNT300. In general I am quite satisfied with this bike, but honestly I start to have some concerns about the build-quality and reliability after I found some owners reviews on other forums. I found two reviews where customers are...
  6. TNT
    last year I had a clock problem with my tnt1130. Main dealer said that the clocks needed replacing. When you turned on the ignition the temp gauge would sweep as normal then go straight to max and the red light would flash. Put the problem on here but no one came up with an answer. Even posted...
1-6 of 6 Results