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  1. TNT
    Hi guys, Picked up my 2013 TNT R160 a couple weeks ago here in QLD, Australia. Since 10 days, the speedo and trip meter reads 0000000 and is stuck that way. I was reading that the sensor could be faulty which I can look to replace, but is there a fuse on the circuit as well I should check...
  2. Classifieds-For Sale/Wanted
    Yay! My birthday today, got home & my LHR blinker housing has cracked off! Who's got one & can mail to me in Sydney?!?!? Gak, Nelli be smelli widdout da look. PayPal, DD, wadeva, I'd also be grateful for any suggestions. Grinna.
  3. TNT
    Here in Oz, the 24th April , just paid for Rego & Insurance on Lucretia Borgia, my bike, from tomorrow. The 25th is her 2nd birthday, goodbye 24 month warranty, I loved you! I call her LB coz the Borgia Familia were a powerful force in Renaissance Italy, with both popes & poisoners in their...
  4. Classifieds-For Sale/Wanted
    As stated I have a set of these never fitted since I dropped my Benelli before I had a chance. Sitting here gathering dust with a pair of adjustable levers to match. Over $800 shipped to AUS (comes with receipt). I'm willing to sell them for $500 for the lot or $400 for the rearsets and $100...
1-4 of 4 Results