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  1. Benelli Technical
    I bought a Leoncino 250 and, as you know, on a Benelli, the speedometer gives a difference of about 10%. How can I calibrate the speedometer on Leoncino 250? If I hold down two buttons and turn the ignition key, it doesn't work...
  2. TNT
    Hi guys, Picked up my 2013 TNT R160 a couple weeks ago here in QLD, Australia. Since 10 days, the speedo and trip meter reads 0000000 and is stuck that way. I was reading that the sensor could be faulty which I can look to replace, but is there a fuse on the circuit as well I should check...
  3. Benelli Technical
    After having issues with the digital screen of my odometer, I decided to look deeper.... ..... finding that a resistor at R75 socket is totally wasted. The thing is that you can't really tell the type of the resistor since the outer shell is destroyed. Facomsa won't even give info about that...
1-3 of 3 Results