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  1. TreK
    Hi I'm looking to replace the Half-bearing on the connecting rod but I don't know where the colors supossed to be, I only can find the Crankshaft colors, that goes from 1 to 4, I guess that the connecting rod colors should be somewhere else right?
  2. IMG_20221109_182059.jpg

    Ireland 2022
  3. Classifieds-For Sale/Wanted
    Hello I have a spare clutch for sale from the 899 engine I bought recently. Since I have a dry clutch on my Tnt I have no use for it. Couldn't find out how much it is worth online. Apparently the engine only did 900 km before it was retired after cam shaft damage because one of the alternator...
    €225 EUR
  4. TNT
    Hi! new to the benelli tnt 125 forum as I’m possibly picking up my own tnt 125 on Sunday! I’m interested in doing a little tuning to it , including the 155 big bore kit ( if it’s possible for the short bore 125 engine if not the 144 kit ), Crower cams and a ecu remap! if anyone has any...
  5. Benelli Technical
    Dear Community, I am trying to find the gearbox ratio's for the 2020/2022 Benelli TNT 300, I hope you can help me! I would like to run some calculations on it. Any other technical specs like road-load numbers are also welcome. Many thanks in advance! Regards!
  6. TNT
    Anyone know where I can order new clutch plates for a tnt 125 please?!?!?!
  7. General Benelli Discussion
    New to the forums here, never been on the streets riding, had an Mx bike when I was younger. I'm really gravitating towards Benelli before I've got the pockets for an MV Agusta, esspecially considering their recently doing the same as RE, in trying to revitalize their brand with some decent...
  8. TNT
    Does anyone know what is that error code? I read it might be the engine temperature sensor but I can't find any documentation. Here is the video: Thanks.
  9. Classifieds-For Sale/Wanted
    Hi there, everybody! I'm the proud new owner of a TnT 1130 Cafe Racer, and the previous owner has made some, how do you say, creative modifications to the bike, including some round rear indicators with smoke skulls on the lenses. I'd like to return to a more factory look, and I presume people...
  10. Classifieds-For Sale/Wanted
    Yay! My birthday today, got home & my LHR blinker housing has cracked off! Who's got one & can mail to me in Sydney?!?!? Gak, Nelli be smelli widdout da look. PayPal, DD, wadeva, I'd also be grateful for any suggestions. Grinna.
  11. TNT
    Hello Benelli friends :) I have TNT 2009, I love this bike, but today... display is lighting with red color, but no digital information (speed, weather temp, odo) on him,temperature and tachometer is on zero value. Can you help me? I try disconnect battery, but sometimes then display show...
  12. TNT
    Hi guys! Got my new pride and joy home two days ago, finally! It`s a 2007 1130 Cafè Racer. Here in Norway it was only one out of three for sale in the whole country. I bought it from a Harley Davidson shop in town where it has been sitting for the past year, believe it or not! It only has...
  13. Classifieds-For Sale/Wanted
    As stated I have a set of these never fitted since I dropped my Benelli before I had a chance. Sitting here gathering dust with a pair of adjustable levers to match. Over $800 shipped to AUS (comes with receipt). I'm willing to sell them for $500 for the lot or $400 for the rearsets and $100...
1-13 of 13 Results