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  1. TNT
    Hey, firstly, greetings from Portugal, I have a Benelli Bn302 and the bike has started to lose power, it bogs down very often when applying throttle. I have diagnosed the bike with a BL XCM-PT100. It stated the following: " DTC: state of value Description of the code of failure: 0031 02A Heater...
  2. TNT
    Hi everyone! I'm from Ukraine and own Benelli TNT300 2015. Recently I had a problem with one of valves due to crashed valve locks. So, now I need to replace valve, locks and valve guide, but unfortunately, our local dealer doesn't have valve guides in their catalogue of spare parts. I also...
  3. General Benelli Discussion
    Hi @ All, Since 4 weeks I am driving the new Benelli BN302 aka TNT300. In general I am quite satisfied with this bike, but honestly I start to have some concerns about the build-quality and reliability after I found some owners reviews on other forums. I found two reviews where customers are...
1-3 of 3 Results