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  1. General Benelli Discussion✓&q=Benelli+899 only 10 taxed of my tnt 899 and 3 sorn in 2018... now I know why it took so long to find a bike, can’t understand it my favourite bike I have owned, sounds great looks crazy and got a soul..:ele::ele...
  2. Tornado Tre
    I've been riding in Germany for a couple of days and while filling her up with gas a few days ago I noticed my number plate holder was hanging sideways and scraping the tyre. I'd lost one of the screws connecting the number plate holder underneath the tail guard. Besides that the center screw...
  3. Classics
    Thanks for clicking! I have some questions concerning my new restoration project! How do I tell if I have a 1972 650 Tornado, or a 650 Tornado S Now that I think of it. How do I tell if I have the right year! Where can I find parts? I need a new jug and piston. Also thinks like side covers and...
  4. Classifieds-For Sale/Wanted
    Hi all, I'm looking for a complete usable gearbox cassette for my tornado. Mine has a noisy 3rd gear whine so I need to rebuild or replace it before it drives me mad.
  5. Tornado Tre
    I have an immediate problem. While on holiday in France I lost the front sprocket nut of my Tornado RS. The AA have taken me down to a vehicle recovery point somewhere in Multiples (France), but they can't help me out. The AA back home are trying to help also, but I have to keep explaining that...
  6. Tornado Tre
    Thought I'd start a thread for those of us contemplating the ridiculous idea of a two up summer bike trip to France Spain or Portugal on a Tornado. Currently got '03 standard but lowered Tre.:ele: Interested in any mods people may have done to make the whole experience enjoyable! I'm adapting a...
  7. Tornado Tre
    Does anyone know the length of the M6 bolt that retains the mirror to the fairing tube? ....I cant check at tho mo, cos bike's in the IOM & I'm in UK (not for much longer tho :ele:)
1-7 of 7 Results