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  1. Tornado Tre
    I finally took the plunge and got TuneECU running on my Tornado, but since the documentation tries to cover all Sagem marques, it's not obvious from the screen what should work and what should not. What I've found so far :- Map Edit page: (menus) 1. / ECU / Read Map 2. / ECU / Download...
  2. Classifieds-For Sale/Wanted
    Looking for a cable to connect Tune ECU to my tornado via laptop if anyone can help me out? Cheers.
  3. Tornado Tre
    Guys, now everything is done on the bike, I want to check tps setting and stepper settings. Basically, a couple of questions for those in the know..... 1- when checking tps I assume the bike has to be running?? 2- if it needs resetting (as power commander is showing 2% throttle at fully closed)...
1-3 of 3 Results