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  1. Tornado Tre
    Hi, as stated - looking to buy a 900 TRE green/silver. Can anyone help me - how can I tell if clutch basket and Z25 have been replaced please ? Thanks in anticipation
  2. Tornado Tre
    Hi. Just before Christmas I bought a Tornado 900 TRE with 1500 miles on clock. Registered 2014 but a 2003 bike. Didn't really know what i was buying - only that it looks amazing and I wanted one when they first came out but couldn't afford it at the time. Scanning the forum has revealed not...
  3. Classifieds-For Sale/Wanted
    Morning good people, following on my previous post asking for ideas as to what might have happened to my Tornado (my thanks to all who replied) the problem has now been identified - Z25 & Clutch springs failure (well done and think you Klink & Steve for assistance) thankfully engine appears...
1-3 of 3 Results