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you heard me :p or better yet in the photo's section
So far ( uk site)has photos.
Also will have some up ASAP

looks like the new 1134cc Tornado is almost exactly like the RS?, doesnt sport the Ohlins as i posted previously, comes with toughened running gear though to handle the extra power. No TnT pics yet either

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Milans Pics here, heaps of different versions / makes.

So far I've seen the Tre-K, a stock looking TnT and the cafe racer, and three different Tornado's.
one with i think was a 900cc with current spec running gear.
one 1134cc with the current RS spec running gear
1134cc with Ohlins suspension and red frame and what appears to be a dry clutch, and that someone hasnt correctly clicked the pillion seat down properly
Any more :rollin

MCN link

And the Lovely Cafe racer

Cafe anyone

Sweet Mito, always would love one of these

New naled DB5 Bimota

New Mille and Factory, both sporting Ohlins ??


Still awaiting more From Moto Morini and MV (keep Craig Happy,

Here the new Ducati prototype Supermotard if they get enough interest they will make it !


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So it looks like the kept the underseat radiator setup on the Tre? That's fantastic news. There was speculation here that they would do away w/ it. Now if they'd only get their US distribution sorted out :(
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