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Any one got one !

Seriously, the world's most slurpingly lickable bike is in for it's first service with 3 X in April and I'd like to know what I need to look out for. So far the pipe leaks (where the link pipe attaches to the exhaust) which I'll mention but can someone give me a checklist of things that I should look out for. I bought the bike from them last year and it had a sticker (and rather sadly it still does!) indicating that it was an 04 bike so I'm hoping that mods have already been done.

But there's no harm in checking, right?

On Jonny's advice, I'm going to ask for Sam to work on it (if he's still there).

Many thanks.

BTW - it's early days yet but my first reaction to looking outside indicate that the sun is actually shining today.


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Not much I can think of. For all the piss taking 3X get on this forum they always did OK in my books as far as making mods / implementing recalls went.

You could try the following :

1) Check the gear change footpeg rubber - early ones can split. I've had several under warantee and the last one finally seems to have fixed the problem.

2) Radiator core plugs - lots of reports on the forum of these corroding

3) Chain scratching the swing arm - they won't fix anything, but you can get them to make sure the rear wheel is correctly alligned if it has happened.

4) A few early bikes had seat covers that split (starting underneath I believe) - worth checking.

Where are you located ? I'm right at the bottom end of the M3.

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Thanks, BOK

I've got a split rubber too !!

I live in Northampton and I'll be going down on the 18/04. I'm going to leave it there and go back the following Saturday or (if they say they can do the service sameday) I'll get a demo bike a have a whizz around

Assuming it's not p**ssing down.

Like it does in April.

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I called Jordan and yes Sam is still there. He is one of the best Benelli mechs there are, hands down. 3X still does work on the bikes but for most warrenty items KJM will have to do it strictly because 3X won't be able to get the parts. Also, if anyone has a Tornado cover that wants to sell it or has an extra cover they don't need please let me know. I am in need of one for a mate who saw my peds, fell in love, and got one the next day!!! To see them and ride them is to love them!!! Intoxicating, they are. Just like an amazingly hot lass, tempermental and quirky but fun as f--k to ride when they let you!

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Hey Bath, where exactly 'at the bottom of the M3' are you?

I have just bought property in Bursledon, overlooking Rob Willshers Suzuki shop, would be good to meet up with a fellow Benelli rider in the area!

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