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Regards to all.

I bought Benelli sport TNT , 2008.
I bought it in the lounge with 0km. the motorcycle was not sold as much as 8 years old.
I live in Serbia, people here buy only the Japanese bikes.:mad:
Only 20 of benelli bike is sold for 10 years :doh:

Local dealer is a very good guy. He promised that everything will be fine, and I got a two-year warranty.

After I paid for the motorcycle they fitted new tires, new battery, installed update for ECU and replaced the ignition distributor and all fluids.
Yesterday I had a test drive and the engine is incredibly maneuverable.:clap:
PLEASE i need your advice on what to pay attention. and whether it is something else needs to be changed before I pick up the bike.
please please please.

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If the bike was built in 2008 (rather than just sold in that year) I don't think you have much to worry about.
Just ride and enjoy!
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