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24 hours de cataluya

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Just read at the

Benelli is back!
Benelli will take part in the 24-Hour Endurance Race at the "Circuit de Catalunya", a classic competition which has already reached the 51st edition and will start July 15th at 15.00 and finish on Sunday 16th at 15.00. Benelli will be present with 2 bikes and 2 teams.

Just looked at:

Does someone know if this event will be broadcasted?
It wil be great if Benelli achieve a good result

Right now Benelli holds the position 2 and 7 (friday training session)
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Thanks for that heads up there saloe;) That's great news. I'll have to go and check this site out right now:D

the photo on the circuitcat site has the no 52 benelli. The rider appears to be wearing leathers used by X-ONE when they rode the benelli, whitch was goddards ex WSB machine
there is a live cast on the cataunya site LIFE TV but it is in spanish

Well, at least the Tornado's made it over 250 laps MVAgusta had to say Goodbye after 117 laps.
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