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I made up some new Benelli / Motobi 250ss fuel tank Trim Strips (1 per side) on hand. I had several sets made.
308 Stainless, mirror polish finish, 1 right / 1 left (mirror of each other) - Laser cut.

Protective vinyl contact paper is on the mirror polished side. There is a slight amount of burning on the contact paper edges, as part of the cutting process.
They are cut with the protective vinyl in place. The shiny side you see? That is actually the unpolished back side of the part!
They are as identical as possible to the original. They are slightly thicker than stock.
The original piece that was used as a pattern was rusty and painted silver, shown at the bottom..

I have several extra sets to sell. PM if interested. you'll have to bow them yourself to fit the tank curve.

Mike (NJ - USA)


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