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3X again!!!

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Contacted the 3X service department on Monday to find out how things were progressing with the warranty claim that was submitted at the beginning of July for my Tornado TRE. (The claim was for the loop back plug, clutch modification, both lower fairing panels due to peeling paint and an exhaust can that was blowing from both ends.) I was told they would speak to KJM and I would receive a call back later that day - no call back. Chased it again on Wednesday - same result - no call back. Contacted them again Friday with the response "I will come back to you in the next half hour" - no call back. Saturday I contacted the dealership manager who apologised for the lack of response but then went on to say things like "I think the warranty on bodywork is only for a year" - oh really! "There was no recall on the clutch problem" - then why did the factory issue a modification kit to "fix" the neutral problem and the real gem "By the time we get the parts sorted for your warranty claim we will probably no longer be Benelli dealers" - oh great! I think 3X are trying to wash their hands of Benelli and any owners with outstanding problems - not good....not good at all. >:
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still making people F##king (3) cross!

Hi mike,
Sorry to hear you are still having problems with 3X, perhaps if they were just honest and admitted they are having problems you might have some respect for them. But honesty isn't one of their strong points, is it?
And being the cynic i am agree with your summing up that they have no interest in helping owners, they were far too keen to offload all their stock to have made any provision for the inevitable warranty claims.

Regards Keith.
Re: still making people F##king (3) cross!

Had a call from Steve at 3X today informing me that they were no longer Benelli dealers so could not help me with any of my warranty claim except for an end can and the loop back plug as they happened to have them on the shelf. He said they would fit them for free as a goodwill gesture....not what I was expecting to be honest....back to KJM to see what can be done about the outstanding part of the claim....anybody got any ideas???? :|
Warranty Claim

Surely if 3X took on the claim in the first place they are contractally obliged to honor it! I do not know what the legal position is, but a call to trading standards would seem prudent. Good luck!

Regards Keith

Hey guys, guess who's my local dealer? I'm sorely tempted with the TNT and thought that as I'm only a couple of miles from 3cross that would be where I'd get one.
Sounds indeed like they are trying to unload Benelli just as they did Aprilia when they got into the poo.
It's ironic that I ended up getting my last bike (Futura) from KJM.
3cross currently have a choice of 4 TNTs all 04's with varying miles on them.
Should I go new or is there a bargain to be had here?
Any advice will be appreciated!
Try it

Hi Jon, welcome to the world of TNT issues :) )

If 3x have got some in, get on one and try it out. Most of us TNT owners will agree that when it works, the bike is unbelievable to ride. It's so much fun and pretty distinctive.

However, if you are looking for trouble free motoring. this is not the bike for you. The hot start problem appears to be the most common problem. Rear shock is prone to blowing. Headlamp will melt on high beam. Bike cuts out at idle when hot. etc etc

Most of the problems have been b1tched about on this forum and the support from Benelli through the dealers is criminal. Whether the factory has been bought and sold is not our concern. When you spend 10K on a bike that doesn't work from new, you get a little p1$$ed off.
If you take 1 from 3X get a 24 months returns guarantee, any problems they take it back for a full refund. Don't become another owner who's constantly taking the bike to the dealer for the " fix "
These are basic design faults and cost cutting errors, that can only be fixed when Benelli admits they messed up and take responsibility for a substandard product.

Make your own decision, but don't think any of these issues have been fixed yet :)

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Good advice CSM!;)
I'll have a go at the returns guarantee thingy.
The problems with the TNT are very similar to some extent to the Futura I had. As far as the hot starting issue the apriliaforum collective got together and found our own fix in the end for the same problem. Aprilia UK admitted there was a problem, agreed our cure was a good one but then said if we did it to our bikes we would invalidate the warranty!!:rollin
I've posted a link on the TNT forum you never know, it might help. Basically the wires from the reg/rectifier were piddly thin things and the bikes were running nowhere near the voltage they should have been. The solution was to fit thicker wires and all was well, the batteries were getting proper power and the refusal to start or slow turnover when hot vanished. Are you guys finding evidence of melting connectors? That's a sure sign!
Got an email from KJM today saying production started up in Pesaro two weeks ago so I might bide my time for a while.
But I don't know how long I will last, the heart is louder than the head right now and we all know there's only one outcome heh heh!:b
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