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Just the best news today.

Just when 3X in Dorset close their Benelli servicing doors, I look on the Benelli site for dealers because I thought I was going to be stuck with a 200 mile round trip, poss overnight stay just to get it serviced and BEHOLD

A dealer on the Isle of Wight!! Who'd have thought.

So I give Adie a call and yes, happy to Sir!

What about the ferry I say? Oh put the Bike on and we'll meet it the other side! Joy of joys!

Can't believe I didn't see it before.

Sorry if I'm preaching to the converted but if you are within an hour of Lymington, Southampton or Portsmouth you have a local dealer after all!

£260 plus Vat for an 8,000 service is cheap too!! Valves an' all.

And the sun is shining!, where's me keys......
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