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In advance sorry for my poor english :)
I am new here, so not sure if it is the right section for this post ;)

Generally i have two very different questions:
  • First would be, that i would like to know if there is a way to fix speedometer issue in Benelli 502C Euro 5 (2021) - i mean that speedometer is showing about 10.5% more speed than actual it is. Is there a way to fix it in some similar way, like this fix for TNT, without buying and plugging some external mods. - I see there are 2 buttons in the TNT and Leoncino, when 502c has just 1 button to set the clock or change mph/kph.
  • My second question is more like asking for advice, I am actually looking for some informations about some compatible crashpads with this model, or maybe some engine covers like.
It is my first motorcycle, and got not that long ago my Drivers License, which is why i would like to minimize possibilities of getting scratches and bumps.

I have bought some crashpads on the aliexpress, but it doesn't fit, some issue with screw, it is screwing for some time, but at some point in the half of the screw I feel a lot of resistance, and pad it self is very loose, maybe screw is too long or maybe bike frame lacquer got into thread - no idea. Which is why i am looking for already tested solutions, and I am sceptical for another untested purchase in China - I would rather pay 20-50$ more, than just buy some another cheap crap and waste money, to get to know that won't fit either ;)
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