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1978 750 sei
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I am selling the Busso exhaust system I got for my 750 sei.
I did run the bike with them, but they are very much as how I received them.

Be aware they will need work to make fit properly!! It can be done, but I have enough other things to do and I didn’t want to spend the time. #3 will take the most time, as it appears to be too short and ‘spun’ on the headpipe. I think cutting and rewelding is the answer, but someone could have better ways to make work.

They are quite expensive new, I was thinking less than 1/2 price would be fair?
$500 US sound resonable?

I am in the Northwest corner of Washington State in US.
Feel free to ask more questions.

Here is a pic of them on the bike.
I did get #1 to fit pretty well with a bit of a bend on my tubing bender. This picture is before the adjustment.

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