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Welcome to the forums spud. If you're looking for a Tre then Dean will be selling his so I reckon you should drop him an email to see what he's looking for and to get all the details on the bike. KJM are possibly the nicest bunch of blokes that you'll ever meet and they really look after you and your bike too so don't miss them out.
Is a Tre a good bike to get back on after an off? Why not! The bike will only do what you want it to do so you're the one to answer that question best. The power delivery isn't sharp and snappy but rather gentle with a good deal of pull. The looks are stunning, the noise is fantastic and it'll get you laid no problem (okay, maybe not that last bit:lol ).
Go for it spud:p


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Hmm I recognise that vid :lol :lol :lol

And if that sound going round that track isen't good enough think of this - the bike was std even the can, fit a race can and hear her roar!!!!


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I had this urge to log back on to the forum, some sixth sense was telling me " Log on - Benelli - Log on " !!! >D
Then I realised Big Bad Al was trying to sell Dean's bike for him ! :rollin
In all seriousness - yes I want (I'm having) a Benelli but it's too early. I'm still waiting for my payout from the accident before I do anything >: >: >: to say I'm peeeed off about the whole thing is an understatement !!!

Anyway cracking bit of camera work Dean -
How come your selling ???
Thats not yours on e-bay is it ???

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Ha good 'old big bad al. Hi Spud just checked ebay no thats not my bike. Ive been too busy at work and havn't got round to puting it on yet but I will hopefully in the next week or two. Nice bike on ebay, seems well spec'd but maybe its just me but im not sure on the colour scheme - individual it is though!!

Cheers on checkin out the vids. Im sellin cos this new job means I just dont ride her anymore. I had some probs with her at the beginning which I've sorted and since then she's been good as gold. I brought the bike outright and would prefer putting the cash funds back into my account & financing another in a month or so (im guessing same sort of situation as you money wise). When your ready for a tre and get one you'll love it, seriously not being bias but wow what a bike! Al found a little site on a post that goes on about the spec and reviews. I found three things that were very true. The front brake is seriously powerful but controllable. The bikes also a little front end weight bias which puts me to the third bit. The slipper clutch is fantastic but it does come in a little early sometimes and when braking really hard you sometimes feel the back squirm around a bit. It looks good but can a little nerving if you've never done rear wheel steering :p . I think its cos of the weight and bias front end. Still its got me hooked and Al made a fair point. The RS is a bargain right now but these new 1130's could be worth a thought too. A bit out of my price range right now but maybe a year down the line?? I wish there was some real people reviews. Build quality, faults. power??

Anyways all the best


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Thanks for the words of advice. That slipper clutch makes the bike on the clip sound superb. My brother inlaw has an 05 Aprillia RSV1000R and even he was impressed.

I'm with you on that e-bay bike, i'm not to keen on the colours but didn't want to say anything incase it was yours:rollin

Thanks again ;)
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