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Hi guys,

I just bought my replacement battery for the 903 from a Yamaha Dealer.

This is the same battery that fits the Yamaha R1, R6, Dragstar, Fazer, also Ducati Monster 600.

Part Number: YT12B-4
Voltage: 12 v
Dimensions: 151mm x 70mm x 131 mm

Other applicable numbers are

Please make sure that you check the voltage and dimensions to ensure they are the same as yours. Positive is on the top left hand corner when the battery is facing you (front label that is).


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replacement Yuasa Battery

Tax, about to replace mine with this one, did it fix your clock resetting and tripmeter issues???

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Replacement Yuasa Battery

Specs courtesy of Aussievtr:

Battery Family: Maintenance Free
Battery Type: YT12B-BS

Voltage: 12
Capacity: 10
Dimensions: 6" x 2 3/4" x 5 1/8"
Weight: 7.6 lbs.
Metric Dimensions: 150mm x 69.0mm x 130.0mm
Metric Weight: 130 kg
Acid Volume: 0.50
Amps: 1.0
C.C.A.: 125

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Alternate Battery

Courtesy of Aussievtr and Laurance;


Manufacture : Yacht /Himura Batteries
Model : CT12B-4 Sealed Battery

The powerful sealed and maintenance-free Yacht/Himura CT12-B4 is a value packed battery designed specifically for today's high performance powersport vehicles. Meets or exceeds all OE battery requirements. The CT12B-4 replaces the Yuasa YT12B-BS or the GS GT12B-4 sealed battery. It's sealed agm design features no maintenance, zero corrosion and long service life. Shipped precharged and ready to install.


* Sealed non-spillable AGM design
* Maintenance-free
* 12 volt 9.5 Ah 135 cold cranking amps
* Replaces Yuasa YT12B-BS sealed battery
* Replaces GS GT12B-4 sealed battery
* 12 month warranty
* Shipped pre-charged and ready to install

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8o I have fitted a YTZ14 BS to my bike which ups the amps but still (with a slight squeeze) fits in the space provided by Mr Benelli
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