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A Few good books to read!

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Nice one TT:lol
I liked them all (even though I don't know who Gillian Taylforth is:D ) but I nearly spat my coffee out at the Heather Mills-McCartney and the Hannibal titles:rollin The Prince Edward title was right on the money though:lol
Did you do them yourself? I might have a little go at something like that later on;)


Unfortunately, I am not that witty! They came in an email froma friend and thought I'd share them with the site!

Gillian Taylforth was/is an actress that used to star in Eastenders, she was caught by a Police patrol giving a bit of oral in her car in a layby a few years ago and claimed something stupid like she had dropped a pen in the footwell and was searching for it!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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