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I went to the NEC show and saw something that, frankly, gob smacked me. There was a security chain company called ALMAX there cutting up other company's chains with standard Irwin Record 42 inch bolt croppers with HU blades. This was to show us motorcyclist's that our babies weren't safe from thieves. They also cut them with a small portable hydraulic cropper that exerts 39000 pounds of force and are available for thieves to purchase for approximately 700 Great British Pounds. These are the chains that were cut and the times it that it took to go through them with the hand bolt croppers:

Oxford Monster-------------------------3 seconds
Oxford Boss----------------------------22 seconds
Abus Granite City-----------------------8 seconds
Abus Granite Extreme-------------------12 seconds
Uma Kit Solido Duo----------------------35 seconds
Kryptonite Forget About It--------------35 seconds
Squire MC4-----------------------------35 seconds

I found this shocking and astonishing but I watched them do it with my own eyes and could not believe it. The Oxford Monster is a lock and chain set that I was (and I emphasize was) using on my Tornado LE and my Harley. Then they did the same tests with the hydraulics and the longest hold out took 10 seconds to get through. They then put their chain into the bolt cutters. Being fair players I got a crack at cutting it. I couldn't do it. They tried it, and then let others try it but to no avail. Plus, coupling their products quality with some research, they made their chain too large to fit into the hydraulic portable cutters deter thieves in another way. Guys, these locks and chains were the same price as the Oxford piece of @#%$ that I had. Oxford got wind of this and tried to have them kicked out of the show. This was during to the NEC's little rule saying you can't show another manufacturers merchandise in a disparaging way. Bull @#%$!!! We riders need to know that stuff. If you are interested in the chain and lock (and by the way they have a ground anchor that stands up to the same rigor plus had roller bearings to eliminate it being cut by a spinning disk cutter) you can get in touch with them at:

ALMAX Security Chains Ltd
13 Loraine Terrace
Newcastle Upon Tyne
NE15 8EA

0191 264 2773
0191 264 2748
Fax: 0191 267 0525
If this makes you as pissed off as it did me, let Oxford and those other @#%$ manufacturers know how you feel by emailing them on you website. Then call ALMAX and order up your kit. I purchased three and they cut me a great deal which Oxford also never offered to do. Also, they will be at the London Bike Show on 28 Jan for the duration of the show. If you don't want to take my word then take your current security chain there with you, let them know John told you to, allow them to cut it to show you how its @#%$, then buy a new one there and then. They do pretty good show prices. Also, let MCN know via email that the businesses that are out there to make money but supply us @#%$ aren't going to get our hard earned cash and it was deplorable to have attempted to have a vendor ejected from a show for informing riders what we need to know, the truth, about their @#%$ products. If they gave us quality then there wouldn't be a problem.
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