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Hi there, after coming into a bit of an inheritance I'm in the rare position of being able to choose my next weapon of choice.:smokin
I currently got a K2 GSX 1400 which has done me very well this year including a few trips into Europe.
I've been toying between the MT-01 and hanging on for the B-King when zuki gets around to finishing it. Then I discover the TNT and it's love at first sight!!:)
After reading this board I'm not sure whether now is a good time for Benelli and your tales of woe remind me of the three years I spent on an Aprilia Futura (up till this year), and I can only sympathise with you for the endless wait for spares and bad customer service that Aprilia owners suffer the world over.

I'm only a couple of miles away from Three Cross Motorcycles in Dorset who are, I believe, Benelli dealers?
What I want to know is: If I go in there to see them what questions should I be asking about reliability, warrenty issues etc? Do you think they will deny that there are any problems?

It would be such a shame if one of the most gorgeous bikes I've ever seen turns out to be a bad investment
Thanks to all and keep the rubber side down!

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Hello Jon, TnT is definitly a love at first sight bike and im sure that Benelli will sort themselves out , i had feuling problems at first but now the bike runs perfectly, as for warranty stuff KJM seem to be getting their act together however there seems to be soom problems with sattelite dealers getting parts or getting paid for work done . When i bought mine i spoke to numerous dealers and they all said that the problems were sorted and even though i still had doubts about the bike i just had to have it.
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