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Bike has arrived at dealer, just waiting for registration,hopefully completed today and will have bike tomorrow.
Have been looking the bike over and on lifting the seats something occured to me.
Where is there room for an alarm as my mate is a qualified fitter and will be installing either a datatool or meta system, can you guys help out by suggesting a fiiting site cause it looks mighty tight under the skin.

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The loom has a plug inside the right hand side of the front upper fairing that the Gemel (META) E587T will just plug into with no additional wiring.... :)

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Alarm position

Hi John,

Glad to hear that the bike has arrived at last. I was wondering if you had it yet!!!

I had the Gemel fitted in the location that Mike mentioned and it has been operating trouble free ever since.

I particularly like the feature of incorporating the remote and ignition key into the same unit which saves all the 'dangly bits' from marking round the keyhole.

I also fitted an additional unit that sends a message to my Mobile phone if the bike is disturbed which gets round the limited range of a Pager unit. You can also trace where the bike is on the Web, if it does happen to get nicked. How cool is that?

Here's a link to their website if you are interested-

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Thanks guys I will point this out to my mate and let him do the rest.
The bike guard concept seems to be spot on too, was this easy to fit Laurence.
The guy doing the work for me is the approved fitter for datatool and meta in my area so I'm sure he should know what he is doing if I throw something else at him.
Would have had the bike on the road a couple of days ago, but there was the small fact that Edinburgh had a holiday at the beginning of the week so could not get it registered and taxed. Roll on the weekend.

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with the factory one (Gemal) weres the best place to get one from? I may get one shipped to me in Oz, what price should i be expecting?

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Wiring and Alarm Info


Only 3 wires require to be connected to the bikes wiring loom
-a positive feed (red)
-a negative earth (black)
and a supply from the ignition switch (yellow)

All of these can be tapped into the wiring loom that feeds the alarm, so your fitter would have no problem in doing this at the same time when the fairing panel is off the bike.

There are also a couple of other optional wires for connecting up to an additional sounder (blue) and for connecting up an accessory loop.(green)


I don't think you can buy the Alarm mail order as it has to be installed by an approved/authorised fitter in this country in order for it to be accepted by the insurance companies.

Fitted prices are around £270 to £340 (see
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