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Well I learnt a lesson last night, allways concentrate & check who you are replying to before you send a text,

Here's a text conversation I had with a mate (Paul) whilst watching the Man Utd Vs Derby footie match ~

me - "How's it lookin' ?"

Paul - "Big n Scary !"

me - " U wish ! Beer later ?"

Paul - "Me and Kerry (his wife) are taking the kids bowling & not sure what time we'll be back"

me - "Lucky U, text me later if you're back in time for a Beer !"

Kerry "do you like our new addition ? (picture of a Cat enclosed)

me " Nice Pussy !"

I just caught the word Kerry as the text was sending :doh: !!!!!

me (to Paul) - "ooops, I've just realised I sent that last text to Kerry, Doh !"

me (to Kerry) - "of course I meant a nice pussy cat ! :eek: "

Paul - "Just don't bother coming round our house ever again !"

me - "I have some nice Chocolate biscuits for Kerry :eek: "

Paul - "It's the Chocolate fingers that concern me !"

Paul - "my wifes fuming :mad: !"

me - "Ok, text me in about six months time when it's safe to come round again ! :D "

Paul "may take longer than that !"

me - "Ok, enjoy your bowling ! :eek: "

Anyway, as it happens his wife was understanding and just let my mate Paul Try and make me feel guilty !

But guess what !

Like the Hell I do !

:rolling: :rolling: :rolling:


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